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MightyMask™ is an American made, FDA-compliant, protective face mask made to be used along with other recommended protection measures to help block the spread of airborne moisture and particles.

America's Best Selling Retail Face Mask



Our Retailer Program

Help people. Make money.

Our Scan Based Trading (SBT) retailer program is ready to go into your stores immediately, giving your customers access to the hottest high-style cloth face mask on the market — and from a maker able to deliver millions of units per week. Our nationwide DSD service keeps the display replenished and your sales rolling.

Our retail sites are producing astonishing sales rates of from .5% to 1% of checkout customer traffic (avg. .8%), which is unheard of with an $8.99 impulse item. Stores with 1,000 inside transactions a day are selling over 3 MightyMask packs per day.

For information on being a MightyMask retailer just email us for a retailer kit.

Two Retail Display Programs


Floorstanding Display

Engineered to deliver maximum visibility and sell-through in large format convenience stores, our floorstanding dump bin display delivers astonishing sales and profits. The program includes the free bin display, set up, and (1) bag of 50 MightyMask 3-packs.

"MightyMask is the only end to end face mask retail program in the market, from the product, to packaging, to merchandising, to program management and logistics. And, it's 100% investment free, using a SBT and DSD sales and replenishment model."


Countertop Display

Intended for smaller, tighter stores where a floorstanding display is impractical or would need located too far away from the checkout, our small countertop display delivers big results. The program includes (1) bag of 50 MightyMask 3-packs, and up to (3) free counter displays.

Protecting Each Other

MightyMask is our way of helping Americans through the COVID-19 crisis by making the effort to engineer a top quality product for helping to protect each other — at a fair price — and doing 100% of the manufacturing right here in the USA.


MightyMask™ is made from the same type cotton/synthetic fabric tested by Public Health England and shown to be over 70% effective at capturing Coronavirus size (~0.1 microns) particles.


The MightyMask's™ unique construction enhances mask-to-face fit, reducing air infiltration from the edges


MightyMask™ is washable, and is durable enough to withstand up to a week of daily washing without losing its effectiveness.


The outside face of the MightyMask™ is marked to enable correct orientation during usage.



MIghtyMask is an easy stretch to fit, one size product for youths to adults. Just loop one end around an ear, pull it across your face, and loop around the other ear. Make sure that you ALWAYS place the little hole to the bottom right corner as you put on the MightyMask — This keeps the outside always to the outside.


MightyMask can be worn and then washed up to seven times. After wearing your MightyMask take it to a sink, run some cool to luke warm water (not hot water), add some regular soap, suds it up and rub it thoroughly, then rinse, and set aside to dry. 

FDA Compliance

MightyMask is currently FDA-permitted for use in healthcare and by consumers, and meets the criteria published by the FDA in its March 26, 2020 Guidance Document (ID: FDA-2020-D-1138-0013):

Section IV. Face Mask – MightyMask is a mask that covers the user’s nose and mouth and may or may not meet fluid barrier or filtration efficiency levels. It is not a surgical mask or respirator.

Section V (C). 
- It is a face mask made of cotton and polyester
- It is labeled to not be used in clinical or surgical settings where the risk of infection risk level or exposure to liquid or bodily fluid may be expected
- It is not intended for any use that would create an undue risk, such as claims of antiviral protection or particulate filtering in clinical or surgical settings


Made In America

We are an American company, owned and staffed by Americans, working exclusively with American suppliers. 

The MightyMask is 100% Made in the USA. 

The components are cut in Indiana, shipped to Tennessee, and inspected and packaged in Tennessee. Our unique cotton-synthetic filter fabric is manufactured in a South Carolina textile mill by American workers. Our packaging is completely made in the USA, using only USA sourced raw materials. The paper for our printed inserts and our boxes is made in USA paper mills.


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